Product Details


Super Plasticiser For Low W/C Ratio Concrete


  • Highly efficient curing.
  • Reduces supervision and labour cost.
  • Curing efficiently more than 90%.
  • Forms an elastic impervious film to retain maximum moisture cement during curing period
  • Allows gradual and continuous curing without constant attention
  • Simple one coat spray application
  • Reduces possibility of shrinkage, hairline cracking and crazing.
  • Ready mixed and economical.


BHARATBUILD-RB is highly effective curing compound for concrete.


BHARATBUILD-RB is alurnised coloured solution of selected resins


To protect concrete against excessive drying out during curing, To achieve optimum strength and durability


220kg HDPE Drums

Effective Curing

BHARATBUILD-RB allows continuous and gradual curing without constant attention thus reduced supervision and labour costs over conventional methods" It also facilitates the production of uniform concrete with increased resistance to abrasion.


BHARATBUILD-RB is a solution of special resin, formulated for application to freshly-placed concrete. BHARATBUILD-RB dries to form an elastic impervious film on the surface which ensures that the concrete remains possible during the 'vital curing period. The film gradually disniteqrates on weathering. Traditional curing methods using wet hessian strawsand or polythene sheeting are never completely efficient as it is impossible to exclude air entirely from the face of the concrete. These techniques waste time, labour and materials and in addition are difficult to apply to vertical surfaces,

BHARATBUILD-RB membrane curing compound replaces these older methods by virtue of its ease of application, higher efficiency and savings in labour and material costs

Where To Use

  • For Efficient and positive curing of.
  • Bridges, dams, airport, runways, reservoirs.
  • Roads, external floors canal linings.
  • Retaining vast floorings and rendering highways,
  • Roof decks and shell roofs.
  • Pre stressed beams and piers.

Technical Data

Appearance: Liquid Colour: Aluminised Silver

Method of Use

BHARATBUILD-RB has been designed to spray application to the newly laid concrete. Once the surface water has disappeared a thin film of BHARATBUILD-RB is then applied to the whole surface using a hand operated spay gun or brush


Stir well before use. After application the area concerned must be protected from rain for at least 2- 4 hours.

BHARATBUILD-RB has a shelf life of at least 12 months in unopened drums, protect from of direct sunlight.

Handung Precaution

BHARATBUILD-RB is inflammable and usual precautions against fire and prolonged breathing of solvent vapour should be avoided. Contact with the skin should be avoided.


BHARATBUILD-RB has a coverage of 3.5 to 5m2/ kg.