Product Details


Wax based concrete curing compound Advantages


  • Give water repellent film.
  • Allows continuous and gradual curing without constant attention.
  • Reduces surface temperature and crack formation.
  • Prevents early water evaporation from concrete.
  • No risk of poor curing.
  • Eliminates use of water curing, hessian or sand.
  • Non-toxic, Non- Flammable.
  • Economical and easy to use.
  • Reflects more ultraviolet rays.
  • Facilitates the production of uniform concrete of maximum strength and durability.


BHARATBUILD-WB is wax based concrete curing compound for fresh concrete, screeds, floors, granolithic toppings and vertical surfaces. Complies to ASTMC-309-74.


BHARATBUILD-WB is a white liquid based on low viscosity wax emulsion and white pigments.


To protect concrete against excessive drying out by retaining the moisture and water in fresh concrete. To prevent permanent water loss from concrete.


BHARATBUILD-WB has a coverage of 4 to 5 m2 kg.


220 kg HDPE drums

Technical support

BHARATBUILD-WB has a coverage of 4 to 5 m2 kg.

Where To Use

For efficient and positive curing of canal lining, roads, runways, external floors, bridges, column and beams, dams other types of concrete contraction where water curirig is difficult or unreliable.

Technical Data

  • Appearance: White Liquid
  • Specific Gravity : 0.98.
  • Dry Film: Translucent
  • Application Temperature: Min 50 C.

Method of Use

BHARATBUILD-WB should be applied at the rate of1 kg for 5.5m2 to 6.5m2 depend upon surface condition. A single spray-applied coat is sufficient. For horizontal surfaces spray on BHARATBUILD-WB as soon as any excess water has dried off. This is usually within 30 minutes of finishing vertical surface should be wetted with water after stripping the shuttering and just priorto the application of BHARATBUILD-WB.

Storage Life

BHARATBUILD-WB has a shelf life of 12 months in unopened drums, protect from of direct sunlight.

Handung Precaution

BHARATBUILD-WB is water based non-hazardous, non-toxic. Avoid contact with skin and eyes